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Wedding Photographer Surrey

Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m Jo – a professional wedding photographer in Surrey but I photograph weddings all over the UK.

There’s nothing I believe in more than the power of visual stories. A single image can speak volumes — and often does. With this in mind, I’ve set out to provide a style of wedding photography to my clients that tells your stories — stories that lie within a collection of wonderful images taken for you from the start, to the finish, of your wedding day.

My style of photography combines the spontaneity of photojournalism, with a little direction when needed, to get the most natural, fresh and flattering set of photographs. My approach is to blend in with the day quietly, staying out of the way, capturing the action as it happens… real emotions, real moments, those that can never be re-created.  I start with bridal preparation discreetly observed from a distance, and will capture the Bride with her closest and bestest, before disappearing to meet the Groom and his.  I’ll be there for the intensity of the marriage ceremony, and to capture the spontaneous happiness straight after.

Usually at this point in the day , I will steal some quiet moments with just the two of you to create some stunning portraits – nothing too posed, just a little direction – I love to seek out interesting backgrounds and soft natural light where we can have fun away from prying eyes…. and create some amazing photographs!

After this I recommend a few carefully planned family portraits, before shifting back to natural reportage shots of the laughter with family and friends and the day as it flows… I stay until first dance… the final shot in the collection.

Have a look at some of images in the collection below – taken over the last 12 years – and if you’d like me to be a part of your day, drop me an email on in the first instance to see if I’m available for your wedding.

Happy Planning!